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BioEnzyme Natural Cleaners - Magically Decontaminates The Environment

BioEnzyme Natural Cleaners - Magically Decontaminates The Environment


All home cleaning products contain toxic and aggressive chemicals, these cleaners are extremely hazardous to our health and the environmental implications of them are destructive. Everyone must have heard the infamous frothing lake in Bangalore which spews white foam and more recently the lake was on fire! Seems unbelievable right? It is true, it’s Bellandur lake and one of the main reason for the lake to turn toxic is the presence of home cleaners. We blindly buy cleaners manufactured by reputed brands off the shelves not knowing how dangerous these chemicals are for our health. they contain phosphates, ammonia, nitrates, and chlorine along with many more harmful substances that pollute the air, groundwater, rivers, lakes and the whole environment. Many people are allergic to these cleaners. Skin irritation and breathing problems are common due to the exposure to these toxic cleaners. Pets are severely affected by these cleaners as their skin is directly exposed to the chemicals in them.

Did you know that there is a simple, inexpensive and completely natural solution to keep your homes and gardens clean and healthy which does not contain a single hazardous chemical? They are bio-enzymes.

Bio-enzyme cleaners are organic solutions produced by fermentation of fruits, vegetables, sugar, and water. These cleaners use the good bacteria to digest wastes, soils, stains and bad odours. The bacteria do this by producing enzymes specifically designed to break down certain molecules(waste and soils) into smaller pieces. Sounds too simple to be true? It is indeed a miraculous solution according to thousands of users. It is so simple to make that everyone can make their own in their homes. It is best made with citrus peels but many people make use of peels of carrot, cucumber, and lettuce too which criminally end up in the trash.

Bio-enzymes are a perfectly natural way to manage your home cleaning needs. By using this magical, multipurpose solution, you will not take care of the safety of your loved ones but also of the environment.There is an urgent need to move towards natural and sustainable living. The planet is reeling under unchecked pollution of harmful chemicals. Water bodies are severely contaminated due to the usage of chemical-filled products. We won't be left with clean water if we don’t change our ways.

How to make bio-enzymes?


Picture Courtesy: WikiHow

Citrus Peels 3 kilograms  ( peels of oranges, lemons, pineapple, and sweet lime/mosambi can be used)
Water 10 Litres
Brown Sugar / Jaggery 1 Kilogram
Yeast 1 Teaspoon


All you need to do is, mix all these ingredients in a plastic container that has screw bottle caps (There are gases that will get released during the process of production – so plastic container is the best option; with bottles having screw caps it is easier to manage the release of gases, don't screw the bottle too tight it could explode because of the gases formed inside!) and leave it for a month. Release excess gases by opening the bottle cap once in two days but make sure that it is covered always as you do not want the fruit flies to get into them. After a month, drain the liquid and store in plastic and or bottles. The bio-enzyme is ready to be used for multiple cleaning purposes.

Though many people are skeptical about the efficiency of this simple, inexpensive yet all natural solution, more and more people have started to use them as it is a really effective and versatile cleaner. The testimonials of the users are there for everyone to see.

Bio-enzyme cleaners can be used for various purposes.

  • Cleans and disinfects all surfaces in the house. (use diluted solution)
  • Purifies air and removes bad odours(1part bio-enzyme to 3 parts water, store in open containers to deodorize)
  • Very effective in removing limescale on taps and other steel appliances (can be used directly)
  • Removes pesticides and harmful chemicals from fruit and vegetables
  • Cleans and freshens clothing and footwear (cloths can be soaked in a diluted solution to move stains and kept clothing fresh)
  • It’s a natural pesticide and herbicide (spray diluted solution on plants)
  • Nourishes the hair and skin of pets ( wash pets with a diluted solution for an allergy-free experience)
  • Used to keep cockroaches and mosquitoes away( 15ml in 500ml of water to be sprayed )
  • Excellent fertilizer for plants and enriches the soil naturally (30 ml in 2 liters)
  • Purifies groundwater
  • Breaks down grease and grime effectively from utensils
  • De-clogs drains very effectively (pour directly into the drain)

No other cleaner is as versatile and inexpensive as a bio-enzyme cleaner. More importantly, it is extremely safe for us as well as the environment. Bio-enzymes have an amazing capacity to rejuvenate contaminated water. One litre of bio-enzyme can de-contaminate 1000 litres of water. Each time you pour this miracle solution in drains, you are actually helping in purifying the water.

The best thing is that the residue peels need not be thrown away, it can be added to your compost pile, it’s paste is an excellent cleaner for grime filled chimneys or it can be mixed with water and added to your plants as a natural fertilizer.

Imagine if every household uses bio-enzyme cleaners instead of the commercially available chemical filled harsh cleaners, our water bodies will be rejuvenated in no time! We will no longer have toxic lakes spewing methane and polluting the air and water. We can experience allergy free cleaning. The list can go on and on.

There’s nothing like making your own bio-enzyme cleaner at home, most organic stores sell bio-enzyme cleaners in case you cannot make it yourself. Ditch the chemical ones and go for these and experience the change yourself.

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  • Dr Sarvothaman
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